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Small Scale Integrated Livestock Farm

Small Scale Integrated Livestock Farm, To remove poverty Small scale Integrated livestock farming is One of the best ways. The idea of Small-scale Integrated livestock farm is very recent. It is related with the lives and livelihoods. A livestock farm is consists of...

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All about the GIR cattle by info Graphic

Many species of cows are being produced in the present world. Meanwhile, there are many species of commercially beneficial species. Which you do not know. One of the notable species is GIR cattle. If you do not know about this, then let’s go for know anything...

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5 Tips to Keeping Your Dog Healthy

5 Tips to Keeping Your Dog Healthy To keep your dog healthy, you must start at a young age. Your dog is a living being, and like all living beings, the dog is subject to its outer environment. So it can get sick, get fat etc … Here are 5 tips to keep your dog...

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